The farm is situated in the village of Hartosenpää in the community of Pertunmaa, in the southernmost part of the South Savo region. The name of the lake Savon Hartonen comes from its location at the borderland of Savo and Häme regions. Its twin lake is called Hämeen Hartonen.

The main building of the farm was built in the 1830s by farmer Adam Pinnu, who gave his name to the whole farm. The Wahlman family has owned and managed the farm since 1886. My parents Aili and Mikko Wahlman have rented out cottages as their secondary occupation since 1970. The business has expanded in the 21st century. Since 2002 I have been the fourth-generation owner and entrepreneur running the farm.


ilmakuvahyvatietaa isannat


The heritage landscape of the Pinnu farm originates in times of kettle wandering on the fields, meadows and forests. The area has been cultivated at least since the 18th century, according to old maps. The unipers, old meadows and piles of stones are all signs of cultivation. Pinnu has been a site of farming and dairy cattle as far as we know. Nowadays the farm is engaged in tourism, forestry, agriculture and cattle grazing in cooperation with the neighbouring farmer.

We cherish the heritage of the farm in all our actions and maintain the historical buildings. For instance, we have built a shingle roof to an old drying barn and begun to renovate a historical road for recreational purposes. This piece of road was part of the great Savo route in the 16th century, more recently known as the old highway 5. The milk platform and the traditional fences built around the meadows show the way to our cottage guests.

Mökkiyrittäjänä toimin puolisoni Tuomo Törnroosin sekä perheeni avustamana. Tilan hoidon ja yrittäjyyden lisäksi toimin kädentaitojen opettajana, puolisollani on pankkitausta. Tervetuloa virkistymään ja nauttimaan tunnelmallisesta maaseutuympäristöstä.

I work as a cottage entrepreneur together with my husband Tuomo Törnroos and my family. Besides taking care of the farm and holiday cottages, I work as an arts and handicrafts teacher. My husband made his career in banking. We warmly welcome you to refreshing yourself at our cottages and enjoying the calming countryside.